G Suite

G Suite is Google Suite - a suite of tools designed to help teams collaborate and work more effectively together. It does this by providing tools such as email, document storage, calendar sharing, video conferencing, team collaboration and much more.  It stores information in the cloud so that the data is available anytime / anywhere / on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, ipad, iphone or mobile phone). 

We can setup G Suite and also train staff on how to use G Suite.  This is necessary as the collaborative benefits are only reaped when the workers know how to utiilze and leverage the tools well.  in just the last year , 2018, the number of businesses using G Suite went from 4 million to 5 million .  Google is also investing heavily into G Suite to make it the premier tool for team collaboration.

G Suite is free for education and non-profits while the business edition is a paid-for edition.