Website Design

Website Design

We design websites for SME’s, charities and any small to medium size organisation.  Nowadays a web presence is non-negotiable requirement for all serious organizations.  Your web site must be professionally designed to fit your business needs.  Whatever your needs are we can design your site accordingly.  All our sites are respond to the particular device upon which they are being displayed (e.g. desktop pc, ipad, tablet, mobile phone).  Here are some of the products we have already done:

E-commerce (Woo Commerce)

Does your business sell products? Why not sell over the internet. In December 2002 Britain sold over £1 billion of goods on the internet. An e-commerce site is all that is needed. Netweavings can design your e-commerce site in a way which will generate income for your business. Netweavings completed the BSPOGA site in 2012 for the British Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics, Gynaecology, & Andrology. It takes online payments for their membership fees, conference fees, and study day fees and more.

Learning Management System (Online Learning Platform)

Do you run educational or training courses? Recently during the covid pandemic many have taken their courses online using the web to provide the medium by which to run courses. We’ve recently setup a new website for Birthlight using the LearnDash Course Creation Platform in order for them to dispense information, quizzes and interactive learning to go along with their live online zoom courses.

Informational & Interactive Sites

Otherwise called a shopfront web site used in order to attract potential customers. This is usually a six or seven page site or more which is an online advert for your business or organisation including information about the orgnisation, examples of products or services, contact information, the founders, why the product or service is important among other things. The key is that it automatically optimizes and is readable for all devices (mobile phone, ipad, tablet, netbook, desktop, etc), that it is search engine friendly and easy to navigate for the user. Netweavings has done a number of informational sites.

CMS Content Management System Design (Drupal, WordPress)

This is one of our specialties. Although we use a variety of different CMS’s, we are Drupal specialists.  A CMS like Drupal or WordPress or Joomla can help you and your organization by allowing you to make your own updates to the content of your website.  With a CMS it would be as easy as typing something into Microsoft Word.  Or alternatively, you can have us input the content for you.

Does your organization or business have a whole community of users with whom you want to communicate? A Content Management System (CMS) could be the perfect choice. It allows users to register an account on your site and for you to update your own pages informing your online community of its next event or engagement. It also allows you to store community information in database form such as usernames, addresses, email addresses and more thus keeping such information safely hidden out of view of prying eyes of web crawlers.  We can setup sites which will sell things, run courses, run events, among others.

Online Community Site

Do you have a community of users that need to interact on various issues? Community forums software will allow users to sign-up and discuss issues with each other. This creates community and adds “stickiness” thus attacting people back time and again to your site. Users can post messages, setup voting polls, send private messages, and thread categories among other things. Netweavings setup the Birthlight Discussion Forums catering to the 400 plus Birthlight community and beyond.

Web Site Redesign

Is your web site design preventing users from reaching your site? Maybe your site was designed in Frontpage and therefore loaded down with needless microsoft markup instead of slick, sleek html/css. Or maybe your site is bogged down by heavy, unoptimized graphis creating slow load-times thus hurting your Google Search Engine Ranking.  Maybe your site is not “responsive” – ie. not designed to be readable on all different devices such as a mobile phone, ipad, tablet, netbook, or desktop.  Whatever the reason, Netweavings can redesign your site so its presentation is professional on all devices and its load-time doesn’t present a barrier for any of your users. Netweavings uses industry-standard tools and design methods to design your site.

Web Site Hosting

Where will you put your web site once it is designed? You need a reliable host which can provide access to your web site without fail. Netweavings can arrange this service for you.

Domain Name Services

Where will your web site be found? This “address” is called the domain name. The domain name for Netweavings You can purchase your domain name through us so that you do not have to look any further in order to get your site up and running.

Search Engine Placement and Marketing Advice

How will customers find your web site? Most likely it will be through a search on the internet. Netweavings offers a one-time start-up listing with the major search engines. Further search engine monitoring and placement can be purchased.

Web Site Statistics Report and Analysis

Netweavings can provide you with a statistics and analysis report with regard to your site. It can be e-mailed directly to your desktop. It includes such information as which of the site’s pages were most popular and which least popular. It can also inform you of how long each user spent on each page therefore informing you if the users are staying long enough to read the content or not. Also, it will tell you which search engine each user came from.

Graphic Design

Netweavings does not rely on templates to design its sites and therefore the designs are distinctive. Netweavings can create its own digital photos, pictures and logos thus saving you the cost of employing a graphic designer.

Maintenance Contracts

If your web site will require on-going maintenance then Netweavings can supply it for you. Netweavings can regularly remove stale information, install security updates, install software updates, run anti-virus scans, run malware scans, do search engine marketing and more.

Penetration Testing

With the rise of black-hat hacking, there is a greater and greater need to keep your online website secure and free of security vulnerabilities and holes.  In order to do that, one must test their site as if one was the hacker himself.  This is called penetration testing and it can reveal areas where your website or web application is vulnerable to attack from cyber hackers.  We can test your WordPress site, Drupal site, etc and much, much more.

Website Migration

Do you need to move your website from your current hosting provider to another one?  This is called migrating a website to a new location or webhost.  It often is not as easy as it sounds.  There are a number of issues that have to be taken into account including database compatibility, php compaitibility, exporting and importing the email, among other things.   Or maybe you would like to move from one CMS to another (e.g. Drupal to WordPress) which takes some expertise as well.

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