Netweavings Web Design and IT Support

We do IT and Web Design in Lichfield for Small to Medium-size Enterprises (SME's). We specialise in keeping your data secure and free of viruses, spyware, spam, worms, trojan horses, malware and phishing attacks.  The Norton Internet Security Threat Report found that small businesses saw an unfortunate growth in the number of attacks targeted at them, rising to 43 percent of all targeted attacks. Twenty-two percent of targeted attacks were toward medium-size businesses.  "The message I would have to small businesses is that you shouldn't forget about security," Haley (of Semantec) said.

Twenty-five percent of local councils have been hacked

A recent report into the extent of cyber attacks which have penetrated local government systems has reported that 25% of local councils have been hacked.  The report cited that there is 37 cyber attacks on councils per minute according to a report by privacy campaign group "Big Brother Watch" (  Much of the success of the cyber attacks is down to human error and thus poor training for staff at local counci